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Porcelain Cake Serving Set with Embossed Lace Details
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Porcelain Cake Serving Set With Embossed Lace Details

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$60.00 USD each
Porcelain Cake Serving Set with Embossed Lace Details
Porcelain Cake Serving Set with Embossed Lace Details
Porcelain Cake Serving Set with Embossed Lace Details
Porcelain Cake Serving Set with Embossed Lace Details
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ITEM # 9532-08

Porcelain Cake Serving Set With Embossed Lace Details

With a subtle lace pattern embossed on this set, its subtle beauty is a sight to behold. With such a detailed design, this set is sure to amaze everyone and add that extra touch of whimsy to your cake cutting.
Knife W 1 1/8'' x L 13'' x H 3/5''|Server W 3 2.5'' x L 11'' x H 3/5''
Set includes knife and server
Great heirloom piece to display and pass down to loved ones
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Q: Does this item come with a gift box?
A: This item comes in a plain white box.

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Reviews (3) Overall Rating
I was just going to purchase a cheap set, but I thought it'd be nice to have something to pass down. These are very nice. Lighter than I thought, and they have kind of a satin sheen, rather than flat or gloss.
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, Fun, Unique
I don't give five stars for reviews unless I truly love the product. These are beautiful and SO unique. Although I would have loved to have been able to engrave a special momentum on them, they were so different that I didn't even care. I have never been to a wedding that has ceramic cake cutters or even white cake cutters. Simply beautiful and delicate. Also, you can easily make them match your wedding theme more by spray painting the handles. Not only am I excited to display these at the wedding, but I am also looking forward to using these for holidays and birthdays for years to come. The only downfalls I can think of is 1) They are ceramic, therefore they are easily breakable, 2) Some people may think they are cheap plastic since they are not silver or gold, and 3) You cannot personalize them. Quick tip if you still sad about not being able to engrave engraved cake forks! You will use the forks more often and it's another cute way to personalize the cake set....more
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Great Value, Unique
The detailing on this server and knife is just beautiful. I can't wait to use it for my wedding!
Pros: Unique, Attractive Design
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